Gordon Papers#32

趙庠(ca.1860),BL(Or) Or.2338[32]

Map of Suzhou Prefecture蘇州府境輿圖 44*52cm

Map of Suzhou Prefecture蘇州府輿圖 63*117cm

Map of the Outskirts of Suzhou蘇省閶胥二門外附郭地輿圖 35*59cm

Map of the Waterways in Suburbs of Suzhou蘇州城郊河道圖 48*77cm

Map of the Waterways in the North Outskirts of Suzhou蘇州城北河道圖 73*82cm

Map of the Waterways in Suzhou Prefecture蘇州府河道圖 54*58cm

Map of the Waterways Between Suzhou & Wuxi蘇州無錫河道圖 50*55cm

佚名(ca.1860),BL(Or) Or.2338[32]

Map of the Songjiang, Jiading, Liuhe & Taicang松江嘉定瀏河太倉地圖 56*49cm

官繪(1835),BL[Ms] Add.Ms.16361,

Military Map of Tailing Sub-prefecture 太倉州繪呈沿江水勢港口營汛分界圖

諸可寶、陳京(1895),BL(Map) 15268.e.8

General Atlas of Jiangsu Province江蘇全省輿圖 3Vol, 23*33cm each

Or=Asian & African Studies, Ms=Manuscripts, Map=Maps

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